Long term loans as their name says means the borrower has longer period to pay for his loan than in the cases of other loans, the repayment period can even be up to thirty years long. People often apply for it because of the certain expensive and needed things they cannot buy considering their current income such as houses, apartments or cars.


Long term loans

The long term loans people take for the purpose of buying a real-estate are also called Mortgage loans. The credit history of a borrower is one of the most important conditions for the approval of the loan. If you do not have a perfect credit history you cannot hope for the lowest interest rates, instead you will have to accept a little higher interest rates and maybe some additional risk.

When applying for a loan, you should pay attention on the type of the interest rate your bank or credit union offers. Interest rate can be fixed interest rate or variable interest rate. Fixed interest rate means you monthly payments will be the same for each month. The interest rates or bank’s fees won’t change no matter what. Unlike these variable interest loans means that the interest rate and fees amount can grow over the certain period of time, resulting with you paying different monthly rates and not in a better way. Monthly payments will be higher and higher with each month which may lead to you paying a much bigger sum of money for bank’s interest rates and fees than for the thing you used your loan for.

bigstock-graduation-cap-and-cash-31505747Also longer repayment period means more monthly payments which again means more interest rates – more monthly payments for the same thing you want to buy may seem like a right thing to do, smaller monthly amounts right? Have in mind that this can also result with a higher interest rate expenses.

Student loans

Other than cars and houses, long term loans are used for education, college and university expenses, since often they are too high and really talented students often cannot afford this themselves, so they turn to loans as one and only option. Student loans can be federal or private, and if you are choosing which one you should apply for, the answer is Federal student loan which is in every way better then the private one. Lower interest rates, the possibility of forgiving and canceling the loan, and not to mention Income Based Repayment methods, which are the best option, it means your monthly payments will be determined according to your income amounts.

However, there are certain conditions you have to fulfill so that you could have your federal loan granted. You will have to be a successful student or oblige yourself to working in some federal company for certain amount of years which can be great because than you would not even have to return your loan. Private student loans are offering slightly higher interest rates and without any possibility of canceling or forgiving it. And when you are applying for a private student loan be sure it is not the one with the variable interest rates and compare interest rates to other banks and credit unions nearby.