College tuition fees have increased remarkably in the past few decades. According to Mark Kantrowitz, senior VP at, the parents of college students did not have to deal with student loans in the past. People worked their way through college and the average debt was much lower than it is today.
The average student that had graduated in 2016 has racked up $37,172 in student loans. The student loan debt weighs down the ability of these students to buy a home, save money for emergency expenses, or invest in a business.

Despite the rising college costs, there are ways that you can use to finance your studies without falling into a debt trap. Below are five unusual and off beat methods that can help you pay for college fees without having to resort to costly traditional loans.

1. Consider Taking Peer-to-peer (P2P) Loan

Peer-to-peer lending works by matching private lenders directly with the borrowers. You can find a lot of P2P sites that are especially aimed for students. These sites consider SAT scores, GPA, college fees, and the student’s major to determine charges on the loans. Prospective students with excellent educational track record can obtain P2P loans at cheaper rates as compared to traditional loans.

2. Make Smart Use of Rebates

Jonathon Hood, a student at Auburn University, had been able to finance nearly all of the tuition fees by using rebate checks and cards. He had got hooked to using rebates after Black Friday shopping with his father, and then spent years perfecting the technique of making the best use of rebates. He encourages students to google ‘free after rebate’ offers on sites such as and, and follow the rebate guidelines to get their rebates accepted. The ingenious way of using rebates helped Hood to pay for college without resorting to debts, which is certainly an unusual method that you can apply to pay tuition fees.

3. Take Part in Clinical Studies

A particularly good way to obtain money for college fees is to participate in clinical trials. This is how Ginger Dean, a graduate of Marymount University, financed her degree. She took part in medical trials at a clinical facility located near Baltimore, and was paid $300 to $750 per session. Dean suggests that you should look for listings of clinical study on You can also look at to view studies that are looking for participants. Also, if your university has a medical or physiology department, you can enquire if they are actively recruiting individuals for a study.

4. Become a Caddy

Another great way to finance your tuition fees without resorting to loans is to consider becoming a caddy. Steven D. of University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire says that he earned about $80 plus tip at a private country club for every two bags he carried for 18 holes of golf. During summers, he was able to make as much as $10,000 just by carrying bags around the golf course. Through this strategy, he not only was able to cover the tuition fees but also got to meet famous celebrities and sportspersons such as the basketball superstar Michael Jordan.

5. Serve the Army for Uncle Sam

Those of you with a daring and adventurous spirit should consider enlisting in the army to pay for college fees. With the Armed Forces Military Tuition Assistance program you can be able to pay 100% of the tuition fees without resorting to debts.

The above unusual and creative ways can help you in financing your college fees without being trapped into a debt hole. Just remember that debt is not the final solution to your financial problems. You can find a lot of different ways to raise money for your college fees by thinking outside the box.